Monday, July 13, 2009

The Magic is the Hole

The Magic is in the Hole!

We love Portland! Martha got us to the Voodoo Doughnut Shop without a problem! This was our first downtown stop after dropping the camper at the Portland RV Park.

The Voodoo Doughnut Shop is a total hole in the wall kind of place, which attracts a real mix of tourist and locals. The line to get in, at 3:00 in the afternoon, was down the street and around the corner. This place is most famous for the “Voodoo” doughnut- a chocolate covered, raspberry jelly filled doughnut, shaped like a voodoo doll which comes with a little pretzel stick so you can poke it like a real voodoo doll. I had read about this place a couple of years ago and it just sounded crazy! I knew I would have to check it out when we got here.

I don’t think Lloyd was nearly as impressed with the creative doughnuts as I was. He basically handed me a $20 and left the kids and I in line while he went and wandered around a bit. The choices once we got in the store were amazing! Garrett went with a rather disgusting looking “oreo” doughnut, Nicholas had the classic voodoo, I had an orange “tang” (yes, it was covered with real orange tang dust), and I couldn’t help but get Lloyd the “maple-bacon” which, just like it sounds, was a maple glazed doughnut with strips of bacon on it. There were lots and lots of crazy/disgusting choices, so it was really hard to choose!

After we ate doughnuts we walked around the arts district for a bit and then stopped in a pub to try one of the many locally brewed beers. Our first afternoon in Portland was spent eating doughnuts and drinking beer… a good big city kind of day!

The Magic is in the Hole… This is the logo for the doughnut shop. I picked up a bumper sticker for the camper with this design on it. We have been collecting stickers from the various parks and places. The other voodoo bumper sticker I wanted read “I got VD in Portland!” I thought this was hilarious, Lloyd… not so much.

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  1. oh I love the vd in portland! what a hoot. I want one of the raspberry voodoo doughnuts!! my kids would love to see that place lol