Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Williams, AZ

Gateway to the Grand Canyon!

After driving over 300 miles on Hwy. 40, in temperatures that were as high 109, it is soooooo good to be here! The campground is very nice and clean, and we have WiFi!! And it’s only in the 60’s!!! I was afraid our cool days were behind us and I was dreading long hot days in the car and stuffy evenings in the camper.

Williams is a really neat little town. Lots of “Route 66” theme shops and old fashion restaurants, and the best pie ever! I wasn’t sure if I would really find the restaurant where Lloyd and I had pie several years ago when we did the Grand Canyon trip with Highlights, but we found it! The kids LOVED it! We are going back before we leave, even if it’s for breakfast!

We are heading to the Grand Canyon as soon as the kids are up!

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