Friday, June 19, 2009

Day 3: St. Louis

On the morning of Day 3 we spent the day downtown. The Arch was really neat! We took a tram to the top and were able to see the whole city from 650 feet above it! The tram was really like a little amusement park ride; a little cable car with 5 seats and no windows. Fortunately the ride up was only 4 minutes long. We also watched a movie about the building of the arch, visited a couple of museums, and had lunch downtown. It was a really fun Big City kind of day!

The hardest part of the day was when we first got to St. Louis. Lloyd told me there was “RV parking” near the arch, and I should just look for the signs. Well, driving a big trailer downtown is kind of a pain! It reminded me of driving my old mini van in downtown Pittsburgh -- switching lanes, and lots of bridges and one-way streets -- all of that with a huge trailer behind me! I had no choice but to take the attitude of “hey buddy, I can barely see you but I know you can see me, so get out of my way…” and it worked. I found “RV” Parking, of course it was in the ghetto.

Fortunately the truck and camper were fine when we got back to “RV” parking around 5:30. That meant trying to get out of the city at 5:30 on the night of a big baseball game, but we did

it! And a couple of hours later we ended up at Graham Caves State Park, MO. Just in time for lightening and thunder, rain and tornado warnings, and an annoying camper who commented on my parking skills. It was a quick visit to this park. We spent the night, got up and did laundry, and headed out.

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