Thursday, June 11, 2009



I think we are almost finished shopping for the trip! I have all the basic food items... Cheerios and oatmeal, trail mix, and beans & rice. I also have the starter ingredients for things like orange beef stir fry (mine will be made with tofu) and salmon & corn chowder. With the camper, we'll have the option of cooking outside on an open fire, or cooking inside with the stove, oven or microwave. We plan to do most of the cooking outside. Food always tastes best that way, but it sure is nice to have an option for rainy days! 

I have also spent some time this week looking at new phones. I originally wanted something basic like I already have, just a phone that makes calls.  My phone is cracked in two places and doesn't hold a charge for more than a few hours, so I think getting something new for the trip is a good idea. But it seems that even the "basic" phones now have email, and internet, and of course cameras. I could not think of a single reason that I would need internet access at a campground, but then Lloyd pointed out that it would be a good way to check the weather and to check my email. 

After looking at phones, we went GPS shopping. The GPS things are really neat! I played with one by putting my home address in it, and sure enough, a little voice came on and told me street by street, how to get to my house! I'm sure this will be a useful tool for our trek across the country! The funny thing is, my plan for mapping this trip involved a Trip Tik from AAA and a $6.95 USA Atlas from Walmart. But a GPS will be handy. Especially since I made at least one mistake on my Trip Tik plan. I had us going to a Lewis & Clark State Park in Missouri and we are suppose to go to a Lewis & Clark State Park in Iowa. There are a lot of Lewis & Clark State Parks! 

With the gourmet food, the fancy GPS and internet technology, this trip certainly will be different from my past camping trips. It even occurred to me while hanging up rain jackets in the camper closet that I have room to hang a dress. A dress! While camping!! 

I do love "real" camping... a tent, an open fire, and a rainy night once in a while. But if I'm going to be traveling for the whole summer, glamour camping does sound appealing! Of course, I will still have to learn how to use all this new technology. Good thing I will have a 12-year old with me! 


  1. Shana,
    looks like your "camping" trip is a little more High tech and comfy than originally planned! I think I could have done it this way with you! Be safe and have fun! We'll miss you! Tricai

  2. hello looks like fun

  3. its Karen who is anonymous bc it won't let me post any other way

  4. Love the pic of you and the kids! Hopefully Lloyde will take a pick of you guys leaving on your trip!

  5. I couldn't figure out how to get to the pictures...but I will. Hope you are safe and well and having a blast!

  6. aaaahhhh...omg! There is even Japanese coming up on your blog when I post!!!!