Monday, June 8, 2009

We'll be on the road in just one week! Our plan is to leave next Monday morning and head to Carter Caves State Park in Kentucky. It will be our longest day of driving, probably about 6 hours. Carter Caves looks like a really neat park. There are lots of hiking trails and several caves to tour. Some of the caves are closed due to hibernating bats, but I hope we get to see some bats anyway! 

We spent a lot of time this weekend preparing for the trip. I think I know how to use most of the stuff in the camper. I still haven't figured out the hot water heater or the oven yet, but I know how to plug us in, hook up the water, empty the water tanks, and use the heated mattresses if it gets cold! 

I also worked on backing up the trailer. I need more practice, but I am getting better! We drove up to the school parking lot and practiced with me behind the wheel and Lloyd on the outside with a walkie talkie.  The walkie talkies worked out ok, but there were still times when Lloyd was yelling "left, Left, LEFT!! Oh, sorry, I meant the other way..." So if I am having difficulty with Lloyd, imagine what it will be like when Garrett is my "helper."

I know Lloyd was only joking when he said I needed to get a "student driver" tag on the trailer, but it's really not a bad idea. 

Plans are coming along and we are getting excited! Hopefully I'll have pictures of the rig up soon! 

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