Monday, June 22, 2009

Journal Notes from Nicholas

Day 1

We finally got on the road at about 8:00 P.M. It has been kinda boring just sitting here reading. I already finished my book so now I’m reading garrets book. We have been to 2 rest stops so far. We decided to call the new GPS “Martha.” It’s 1:30 am and I have been sleeping since 11:30 PM. Martha says that we will get to the campsite in Kentucky soon. Once we got to our campsite we set up, me and garrett went over to play miniature golf. Garrett paid and we started to play. Garrett started cheating so I quit. Garret got mad and said I wasted his money. Mom came and told us that we were going to the caves so now we are in the car going to the bat caves. The caves are so cool! The father down you go the more cold it gets. When we got back we had dinner and then me and garrett went to get some ice cream. After that me and garrett went to play miniature golf. When we got back we set up beds and took showers. Then we got ready for bed and went to sleep.

Note from mom: Nicholas spends time every day writing in his journal. I asked him if we could put some of his stuff on the blog, and he said sure! It's fun to see what he really thinks about our trip. Overall, I think both he and Garrett are having a really great time! ***Nicholas has" pm" and "am" mixed up.


  1. Nicholas great writings. Keep up the great work and maybe someday you can publish those writings. I am so glad you are having a good time. I can't wait to see the pictures of the Badlands.

    love to all os you.

  2. Great pictures! I like Nick's notes!!! that is a great idea.