Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Plan


Tomorrow is our big day! We'll head out around 7, and hopefully be at Carter Caves State Park in KY by 1:00. Here is the  rest of our plan.... 

Day 1: Carter Caves State Park, KY
Day 2: Lincoln State Park, IN
Day 3: St. Louis Arch and a state park in MO. 
Day 4: Smithville Lake, MO
Day 5 and 6: Lewis and Clark State Park, Iowa
Day 7: Chamberlain SD and the Badlands! 
Day 8: Custer State Park SD Mt. Rushmore, Minuteman Missile Tour, Mammoth Site   
Day 12: Sheridan WY This is an old fashion cowboy town and we'll be visiting at the peak of wildflower season! We'll do a side trip to Devils Tower National Monument. You probably know this mountain best from the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Maybe we'll hike to the other side... 

Next Stop: Yellowstone, WY! We'll spend a few days here! The park looks huge and there is a lot to do! We are planning to do a few hikes, see the highlights, and even do a cowboy supper where we ride horses out to a campfire dinner! 

From Yellowstone we head to Missoula MT, and then to Spokane WA. We'll meet Lloyd in Spokane and the we'll all head to Seattle. After a few days in Seattle, we'll head to OR. We are planning to hit the OR coast and camp in a neat little town called Cannon Beach. We'll also spend a few days in Portland and visit Crater Lake. After that we head to CA! 

We'll zig zag through CA with visits to the Redwood Forest, San Francisco, Sacramento, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Forest. Eventually we find our way to Hwy. 40 and start the trek back. Our only "must do" place to visit so far is the Grand Canyon. I know it will be hot, but I think we have a couple of campsites in mind with full hook up so we'll be able to run the a/c! There was also a place on the way to the Grand Canyon that Lloyd and I stopped to have lunch when we traveled with my old Highlights group. The pie was really good! I hope to find that place again! 


  1. Still trying to get on your blog.

  2. YEAH! Finally figured it out!

    Sounds like a great plan wouldn't expect anything else from you my friend. Better take a sleep aid tonight or don't even go to bed!
    I'm sooo excited for you and the boys! :)

  3. And you are on the road! yeah!!! I can't wait to catch up from you tonite!
    We have our fist swim meet tonite and will let you kno how it goes!

    Travel safe and we have you in our prayers!!

  4. Shanna!
    What an awesome trip! You go girl :)!! PLEASE let me know when you will be in Sacramento, I would love to see you. We are heading in and out for camping this Summer, but I will do my best to be here. :)..Heike

  5. waiting to hear how it's going!

  6. How was St. Louis? Anxiously awaiting additions to the blog by you and Nick and Garrett

  7. Sorry your phone died while we were talking! Sure was good to hear your voice! Miss you but I know you guys are having a blast!