Monday, June 22, 2009

Day 6 and 7 Lewis & Clark State Park, IO

Day 5 & 6 Lewis and Clark, the original backpackers

We had a nice relaxing weekend at the Lewis and Clark State Park in Iowa. Our campsite was near the water and had plenty of shade trees. While the daytime temperatures were in the 80’s, the nights were in the cool 60’s. Great camping weather!

We walked around the Lewis and Clark exhibits and played on models of the keelboats Lewis and Clark used to cross the Missouri River. It’s been a long time since I have read anything about Lewis and Clark and the kids and I really enjoyed learning about their adventures. Both Garrett and Nicholas thought Lewis and Clark were brothers. I did not tell them that if Lewis and Clark really were brothers, they never would have made it across the US! We also learned that they started their adventure on July 5, 1803? Coincidence???

In addition to learning about L&C, we also spent time swimming and Nicholas “caught” a giant clam thing and then he caught a fish with his bare hands “mullet fingers” style. Of course Garrett would tell you that the fish was already dead and had part of it’s jaw ripper off.

We also took a quick drive to Nebraska, just because we could. It cost $.75 to drive over the bridge into a very small town with a very small Main Street. We stopped at a grocery store with the worst looking produce I have ever seen in my life. This struck me as funny because we are surrounded by beautiful green fields of corn. But I guess corn isn’t really considered a vegetable anymore? Maybe just a fuel, or animal feed, or a bad carb?? Anyway, we’re craving broccoli. At least I’m craving broccoli and I am craving my kids to eat broccoli… Other than missing some serious green vegetables, we are eating well. Bag salad and baby carrots seem to be everywhere. Good ‘ol fashion camp food!

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